2 Button Street

  • On February 9, guests gathered for a groundbreaking for the home of Armando and Rosalie Hernandez and their family. This is Raise the Roof’s seventeenth sponsored Habitat house. Our community is excited to help the Hernandez family build. The family has been working to help other Habitat families build homes. The home that we help them build at 2 Button Street will be their own.

  • Help us fill this page with action pics of our community helping Rosalie and Armando build. Find out how to volunteer here.

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  • A warm-hearted group of volunteers (photos below) faced Leap Day 2020’s cold to help build. A family’s home taking shape…

  • Above left: Cal Price and Frank Walsh of North Madison Congregational Church are longtime, true Raise-the-Roof-blue volunteers who gave their day to build Button Street.

    Above right: Raise the Roof volunteer and Daniel Hand High School student Ainslee Fogleman gave a day of work to help build this home at 2 Button Street.

  • We are full of gratitude for the group of volunteers from Defibtech who made September 11, 2020 a day of both service and remembrance…beautifully serving by building. Raise the Roof is honored to have Defibtech as part of our Shoreline Habitat community.