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      On July 20, Raise the Roof celebrated a groundbreaking at 39 Elliott Street in New Haven, our sixteenth sponsored build. Arriving at this moment means that hundreds of individuals, groups, and businesses found beautiful and sometimes unique ways to contribute to raising the funds that make building possible. Many have shared so that we may all experience the gift of standing with a family to build. We thank you!
      Let’s build!

      Join us as a build volunteer! Build with us at 39 Elliott Street!
      Or help with an event or on
      a committee. Click here to register to build and learn about other volunteer opportunities.

      Local stars will take to the dance floor for Raise the Roof’s fifth annual Gala of Stars: Dancing for the Cause
      November 15, 2019
      6:30–11:00 p.m.
      The WoodWinds
      29 Schoolground Road
      Branford, CT

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